1) KUJIRA 除甲醛服務

淨味 除甲醛 室內淨化服務!
巨鯨淨化 – 淨味 除甲醛 室內淨化工程:
空氣清新 家人安心 環境舒適 工作出色

除甲醛    , 除臭 (煙,尿….) , 防霉 , 除 TVOC , 抗菌
3-5年 有效期

經過塗噴服務後的2小時,室內納米鍍膜經乾燥後,形成了不易脫落的保護膜,然後不斷硬化, 幾星期後形成類似4-5H鉛筆一樣堅硬,在正常情況下形成堅硬耐磨的保護膜,能長期發揮作用. (大約3至5年-要看實際情況).
The formed coating cannot be peeled off by rain or wind once it has dried for two hours. After this, the coating continues to harden, and after a few weeks the hardness becomes stables at a pencil hardness of 4-5H or harder. This coating is strong and can withstand harsh natural conditions, and can maintain its effectiveness for a long time. (around 3-5 years long – depends on real situation).
*Differs according to the temperature and humidity.


  1. 進行甲醛濃度測試
  2. 進行工程
  3. 工程後再次進行甲醛濃度測試
  4. 向客戶提交工作報告
  5. 跟進客戶

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